Do you have Questions?

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions for a quick glance. If you still have concerns or question do not hesitate to contact us.

How often will you clean my home?

It really depends. Customized house cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, 3 week rotations or monthly service. 

Can I get an over the phone estimate or do you have to come to my home?

Micro Clean Out offers in home, over the phone, and written estimates. All estimates are free and hold no obligation. To get a written estimate you will have to go to our “Get a quote” page on our website and submit the necessary information required. In order to give an accurate house cleaning estimate we will need to know what type of service and how many square feet we will be cleaning. Please call us if you need clarification

Is your company insured?

Micro Klean Out employees are insured to protect against any loss or breakage that may occur while we clean your home. All employment taxes are paid and all employees are covered under our workman’s compensation if there is an accident on site.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing high quality cleaning service to meet or exceed our customers satisfaction. Your feedback is very important in helping us get better at what we do.

How will I let the cleaning crew in my house?

There are a few ways that you can let our crew in:

  1. One way would be an extra key. (You could leave the key at our office, we handle all keys professionally and securely, or you could leave a key hidden near your front door with instructions on where to find it, such as under the mat, or in the planter).
  2. We also can use garage openers, or codes.  

Note: If we cannot enter your house or the key is no where to be found, you will be charged with a lockout fee, for more information visit our policy section. We assure you that all the information and keys you provide to us will be handled securely and returned to you if you ever discontinue service.


We are here because of you! No matter how complicated the situation is.


We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing high quality cleaning service.



Our objective is to keep your residential, commercial whether SME clean.