Apartment Cleaning

Project Description

This project was intended to clean an apartment and our staff are responsible to be at the customers’ residency in a timely and professional manner. Review cleaning tasks or list for each customer apartment, clean bathrooms; sinks, mirrors, toilets, showers, tubs, sweep, mop, and wax floors for our customers.


Some of the challenges faced with apartment cleaning, a homeowner who has already cleaned some of their home prior to your arrival can make a cleaner’s task much more complicated, having a long list of instructions and tasks can be difficult to remember, 


Washing up a disorganized home


Not having a list of instructions


Home owners cleaning before hand

Pans and plates that have been soaked are infinitely easier to clean. If they are not, this makes a cleaner’s job of finishing within a given time-frame infinitely more difficult. Furthermore, if toys and paper are strewn everywhere, cleaners first have to clean this clutter away before they can start on the surfaces.


Our cleaning service solution provides cleaning supplies, polish furniture and keep dust, ceiling fans, broom, mop and bucket, rags, sponges and toilet brush your apartment to your satisfaction.


Polish furniture


Toilet brush your apartment


We sponge your apartment


Mop and bucket

We help keep your apartment clean, tidy and well organized and are responsible for cleaning your sink, faucet, sponges should be cleaned frequently by dishwashing your microwave, wipe  your counter and stovetops. The biggest thing keeping your apartment clean is by tackling the clutter first and put your things where they belong, you’ll immediately feel more at ease in your apartment and feel as though you’ve already taken a major step to clean, organized bliss.

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