Car Washing

Project Description

Our job include all aspects of washing the interiors and exteriors of cars. For the car interiors, we dispose of trash, vacuum floors and seats, polish surfaces, and clean inside the windshield and windows. For car exteriors, you pre-soak, soap, rinse, and dry the car. You also apply wax and clean tires.


Some of the challenges that are faced with car cleaning, the most unsightly spots on your pristine car water spots. The high pressure from the machines has the potential to damage paint.  Depending on the types of chemicals the car wash business uses to clean might impact your vehicle.


Water Pressure




Water Spots

This goes along with not properly drying the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Driving your car out of the wash and letting it dry manually causes these spots to develop. It can also occur if a detailer doesn’t wipe down your vehicle with towels. Most of the time, this occurs when your vehicle has previous damage. 


Our cleaning service combine equal parts of white vinegar and water with a few drops of lemon juice, and shake to combine. We use it by, simply spraying the mixture on any dirty spots and wipe down with newspaper or a microfiber cloth. This mixture can be used to clean up tougher residue on glass, or even on your dashboard to give your car a sparking look.


Mix up a deodorizer spray


Clean the dashboard


Clean the Exterior of the car


Clean the interior

Our cleaning service uses a dishwashing liquid or grease and gently use our hands, which makes it easy to have your car clean. A bit of elbow grease and some dishwashing soap can cut through even some of the most caked on mud without damaging your car’s finish. Hand soap’s another good cleaning agent when you’re in a pinch. The soap will clean better than you think. But due to the mild nature of most hand soaps, you’re going to want a higher concentration than dish soap to get the same level of effect.

Laundry detergent is designed to bring out deep-rooted stains while keeping your clothes unmarred. And it can do the same for your car as well. But only if you utilize it properly–especially if you’re using detergent powder. In order to make the most of this solution, you’re going to need to dilute in water first. However, depending on the brand of detergent, this is easier said than done. If you just dump a scoop of powder into a bucket of water, you’ll find that the powder isn’t just going to dissolve. Even after stirring it around, you may still have grainy bits.

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